Emigration to the USA

We will jointly make all the formalities related to the transfer of business and moving to the USA with your family. We enjoy the changes – we take on our shoulders the stress and responsibility!

We do not dream, we act!

The fulfillment of the American dream and a trip or immigration to the USA still needs to settle a number of formalities, and without having the appropriate visa, crossing the US border is impossible. In the BCM Law & Consulting, we have the experience necessary in the completion of all formalities required to obtain an appropriate visa or a permanent residence.

BCM Law & Consulting specializes in obtaining visas L1 and L2 for a long-term delegation, as well as investor visas E2. Moreover, we help to obtain the Green Card, giving the status of a permanent resident.

We support the following types of non-immigration visas:

  • A visas – for diplomats, government officials and their assistants
  • E visas – for entrepreneurs and investors
  • G visas – for employees of international organizations
  • H visas – for people taking up a temporary work in the USA
  • I visas – dedicated to journalists and representatives of foreign mass media
  • L visas – designated for employees seconded to the American branch of the company
  • NATO visas – dedicated to representatives of countries and international personnel
  • P visas – for athletes and artists to a specific events or a longer period of time
  • Q visas – for participants of cultural exchange to participate in lectures, researches, etc.
  • R visas – dedicated to representatives of the Church and other religious organizations.

We also help in obtaining the permanent residence:

  • Green Card (sponsorship by the employer)
  • Engagement visa K1 – obtained by the fiancé / fiancée of a US citizen
  • Permanent Resident Card – family sponsorship

We effectively and efficiently use our experience in obtaining visas tailored to your needs, as well as in the process of registration and starting doing business activity.

We will help you to obtain a visa quickly and professionally

With BCM Law & Consulting, emigration and conducting business activity in the United States are simple and pleasant. Within a decade of our business activity, we have gained hundreds of visas for our customers. Trust our experience.


“We take care of all the formalities related to your trip to the USA.”