Implementation of products in the US market

You run a company, manufacture products or services and you want to ensure that they will reach to a wider group of recipients? In the BCM Law & Consulting, we specialize in the efficient implementation of products and service to the US market, as well as we support the conducting of business activity.

We comprehensively prepare your product to enter the US market

We carry out the full market knowledge, researches of demand and assessment of the risk in the general or specific dimension, as well as for a specific group of respondents. These activities provide necessary information for building a marketing campaign strategy during the product launch. Our advantage is the strategic planning while simultaneous optimization of all costs. We take responsibility for our actions, and our salary is a fixed percentage of the successful sales.

What do we offer?

  • We will adapt your product and service to the requirements of the US market
  • We make market analysis and assessment of the risk and demand
  • We help to prepare an innovation strategy
  • We adapt and standardize the product to the conditions of the USA
  • We determine the pricing policy in relation to the conducted researches and analyzes
  • We organize cooperation with local suppliers and distributors
  • We create a network of distribution channels, as well as channels for e-commerce sector
  • We provide complex legal, notary and accounting services
  • We help to manage the sales
  • We assist in the planning and realization of advertising campaigns based on previously prepared analysis of the market and competition

We will help you to:

  • Meet the requirements of the Customs Office - U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, CBP
  • Meet the conditions of the Good and Drug Administration, FDA
  • Fill in and provide the necessary documentation to the relevant authorities and organizations in the USA

Operate globally!

Our experience includes many introduced products that successively conquering the US market. Therefore, they ensure the sales jump on the largest market in the world for owners.


“We comprehensively prepare your business or product to enter the US market.”