Marketing and Advertisement in the United States

The homeland of marketing and advertisement is the United States. The basic techniques of marketing were precisely developed beyond the ocean. The term of “marketing” was used for the first time in the USA in 1906. The United States leaded in the thriving development of marketing and advertisement after World War II.

Do you want to succeed with your company in the United States?

Well-developed marketing strategy realized by a professional team will be useful for you! The business success concerning the expansion in the USA depends on:

  • Appropriate shaping the image of products and services
  • Determination of competitive prices
  • Giving potential customers the opportunity to purchase goods via convenient distribution channels
  • Thorough market research and the preparation of a suitable marketing and advertising strategy

In the BCM Law & Consulting, we offer the creation of an appropriate marketing plan with the use of adequate tools of promotion for products and service of our customers, who enter the US market.

The realities of conducting a marketing campaign in the United States are slightly different than in Poland, which is why their knowledge and experience in this market make us experts. We provide outsourcing services for our customers and we know how to make your brand become well recognized in the USA.

Each market has its own specificity. This specificity requires the correct approach to the creation and sales of products or services. We provide our customers a complex advisory in the selection of marketing tools, development of guidelines for the advertising campaign and its implementation, as well as reporting after its completion.

The American way

We perfectly know the language, culture and customs in the United States. Their proper recognition and their use allow us to run effective and efficient marketing activities.


“We create a marketing plan tailored to the products and services of our customers, who enter the US market.”