Mergers and acquisitions in the United States

In the BCM Law & Consulting, we provide complex assistance and support in M&A transactions for corporates and companies in the United States.

How to make a merger or acquisition in the USA?

BCM Law & Consulting will advise the best way to make a merger or acquisition of the business entity from the United States.

It is usually carried out by:

  • Merger of companies
  • Acquisition of business assets
  • Acquisition of share in the company

We recommend to the purchase of a company from the United States along with the acquisition of only a part of obligations connected with the subject of the transaction. On the other hand, sellers prefer to sell their shares. It disables their responsibility. We also help to perform mergers of acquisitions in order to ensure that tax liabilities and potentiality of the buyer will be as low as possible.

How do we carry out this type of transactions?

  • For our customers, we prepare a confidentiality agreement when making a transaction of merger or acquisition
  • We advise in arrangements and accompany during the negotiations with the seller
  • We conduct the due diligence in the acquired company, i.e. we examine it in terms of solvency and financial condition, as well as future prospects for development
  • We also take part in determining the final guidelines for acquisition or merger and we support our client when signing the final agreement

The process of acquiring the business entity in the USA can be carried out in several different ways. The parties can independently realize the transaction, it there is a relation between foreign buyer and US seller. Otherwise, our company can play the role of the so-called investment banker, providing on your behalf a proposal for merger or acquisition of the interesting entity.

You do not need to start your business from scratch

M&A transactions usually include the purchase or sale of the block of shares in whole or in part. Our specialists prepare a thorough analysis of the company and documentation. Moreover, they are responsible for contact with investors, negotiations and assistance in finalizing the purchase / sale.


“We will advise you the best way to make a merger or acquisition of the entity from the United States.”