Purchase of active businesses in the USA

We have specialized knowledge and experience in the purchase of active business activities in the United States. For 10 years, we advise in the selection and purchase of businesses functioning in the USA.

Proven way of doing business

Not only new products on the market are profitable. Many entrepreneurs sale their successful companies, which are an ideal opportunity for the investor with the budget, but without a business plan.

While the acquisition of an active company is not difficult, the process of purchase by a foreign investor is complex. In order to fully enjoy the new business, it is worth to give all formalities in the hands of professionals.

How can we help you?

  • We will check for you all the information regarding the company, necessary before making a buying decision
  • We will explain you differences between the Polish and American law concerning the business activity
  • We will guide you comprehensively and professionally through all stages, from the search for the adequate business, through the analysis and formalities, to the finalization of the transaction

Why does it worth to invest in the already existing business in the USA?

  • This is a safe alternative to establish a company from scratch and try to gain a share in the market
  • The existing company operates and it can develop in the direction chosen by the entrepreneur
  • The existing company already has a brand, which is known by the customers - thus we get the opportunity to use its image and a positive influence on this image.

With us you will succeed

Together we will go through all stages from the selection to the finalization of purchase in the USA. All in accordance with the applicable law in a certain state and according to the expectations of our customers.


“For 10 years we advise in the selection and purchase of businesses operating in the United States.”