Support and registration of companies

A company registered in the United States helps entrepreneurs to enter the global market. With our experience, you will quickly expand your business activity not only in all states in the USA, but also to the whole world.

We will register the business activity tailored to your needs – in all US states!

We are experts in the establishment and support of companies in the USA. We have established more than 200 companies for entrepreneurs from around the world. The most frequently selected types of business activity in the United States are joint stock companies C-corporation or S-corporation, as well as limited liability companies (LLC). Depending on your needs, we will choose the legal form, which will best implement the assumptions of your business plan.

We do we offer?

  • Finding and verification of a name for your company
  • Registration of the company in all US states
  • Preparation of documents related to the registration and covering the costs of the company’s agent for 12 months
  • Covering all official fees
  • Establishment of address in the United States and covering the annual costs of maintaining this address, as well as covering costs of redirecting your mail to the address in Poland or any other place in the world
  • Professional and free annual accounting, administrative and legal consultation
  • Annual tax settlement by a certified accountant
  • Obtaining a tax number (EIN)
  • Creation of a stamp for the company (Corporate Seal)
  • Obtaining the official confirmation of the establishment of your company in the United States

Your company in Delaware

The most popular form of business activity is the registration of LLC (Limited Liability Company) in Delaware. This company is equivalent of the Polish limited liability company, and the state of Delaware is known for its gentle tax provisions. There are over 1 million registered companies in Delaware. The annual tax in this state is $300.

The attractiveness of establishing companies in Delaware results from tax regulations favorable for entrepreneurs, perfect judicial system and the company law positive for business owners. LLC in this state is not subject to VAT and there is a possibility of registering single-member companies. Delaware offers entrepreneurs the anonymity and freedom of activity. At the same time, it gives the prestige and trust all around the world.

Open door to the global business

In the BCM Law & Consulting, we offer a complex service and registration of firms and companies in the USA. We will check for you the legal, federal and state system in order to ensure that your business activity is conducted completely legally and in accordance with your needs from the beginning.


“We register and comprehensively operate new firms and companies in the United States.”